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"I had been wanting to get back into PC gaming after a too long stint on console and after being totally underwhelmed by the PS4 Pro. I selected most of the parts I wanted for my build and a few parts from my old PC to start the base of my build. I have experience installing new hardware into a PC but I have never actually started from scratch myself. That's why I went to Rob at AMG. I know Rob personally through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and consider him a good friend and someone who I would definitely trust to build my PC. And what a job he did of it! He sourced me a great Corsair case and a Noctua cooler and built the PC without breaking a sweat. My PC runs like a dream. My CPU temps are very good even when gaming so I'm extremely happy with the cooler he chose and how well he installed it. A few weeks after building the PC I decided to install a M.2 SSD and bought a totally incompatible model with my motherboard (even after research) Rob could tell me within two minutes the exact SSD I should have bought! I would definitely recommend AMG. 100%"

Ned Fitzgerald, PC Gamer