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There is often a misunderstanding about what a "backup" is. The idea of transferring your data or photos to an external drive or flash stick is often as far as people get. However, this is not a backup. A backup is a COPY of data that you hold. This means a copy on your computer \ server and a copy on an external device. Depending on how important that data is determines how often it needs to be backed up and how many copies you have. Having two locations that your data is stored is the most basic form of backup, it is strongly recommended if that data is not re-creatable such as family photos or corporate data, that you keep it in more than one physical location, this is known as an off-site backup. The first type of backup prevents loss of data in case of a computer \ server failure or accidental deletion. It does not prevent loss of data in case of a fire or flood. The reason for this is that if both copies are in the same physical location, they will both be LOST. That is why we offer automated off-site backups.
We offer a range of scheduled off-site backups to suit everyone's needs.
We store your data securely in our UK datacentres.
Data recovery can be requested on the phone or online and either downloaded or copied to external media and delivered.
Backup plans are tailed to your needs, daily, weekly, monthly backups with air-gapping as an option.


"AMG IT Solutions are a pleasure to work with. They were able to provide a high spec server tailored specifically to our requirements, but did so at a fraction of the price asked by some of the big names in the market. Service has been outstanding throughout our dealings with AMG, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

Adam Beardmore, Dalen Limited

Dalen Limited