AMG Education Services

AMG-IT have been supporting schools for 10 years and have built an excellent reputation within Staffordshire and Derbyshire. We pride ourselves on being able to provide excellent value for money whilst being highly responsive to the needs of our clients.

Contract support

Contracts offer peace of mind and reduce hourly costs. Economies of scale allow you to purchase a large number of hours at the beginning of the year at a lower hourly rate, with the ability to top up the hours later if required. Contracts work best for larger schools due to the number of computers involved, giving you the option for regular set visits and remote support. If the school is planning larger projects like server installs, these can be factored in at the start of the year to further lower the hourly cost.


Schools with fewer computers or internal IT administrators may not require regular IT support visits and so AMG offers pay-as-you-go support. The hourly support rate is higher than for contracted hours, however fewer hours are used; this can be very economical for smaller schools. Bulk hours are purchasable for server installs and other large projects, but are still more expensive than the hours purchased on contracted support.

AMG School Connect

If you decide to join us we would like to install an extra ADSL line for your school. This will allow AMG to connect in remotely and fix most issues as soon as they are reported, helping you to keep teaching. Overnight, AMG's remote backup system will connect through this provision using a secure encrypted tunnel, keeping your data safe if the worst happens. Dependant upon your school's location, we could increase your download speed by 10 times. You can choose which machines have access to this line, if any, and website filtering can be enabled but will be completely under your control.