AMG-IT Solutions Products and Services


AMGs main focus is Primary Education, so our support contracts have been carefully constructed to appeal to this sector, with highly competitive support contracts offering such benefits as:
Weekly visits (more frequently can be arranged).
Remote support.
Offsite backup.
Free hardware installation.
Discounted software.
Staff discount on all of our products and services.

We also provide ad-hoc support for smaller schools that would not find a contract economically viable.

As a provider to the Education sector, we offer the full range of ICT infrastructure used throughout schools:
Servers, workstations, laptops, IWBs, projectors, network installations, wireless networks, printers & consumables, charging & security trolleys for portable equipment, and much more.

We can also offer an ICT suite design and build service as we have access to bespoke furniture manufacturers.


"I had been wanting to get back into PC gaming after a too long stint on console and after being totally underwhelmed by the PS4 Pro. I selected most of the parts I wanted for my build and a few parts from my old PC to start the base of my build. I have experience installing new hardware into a PC but I have never actually started from scratch myself. That's why I went to Rob at AMG. I know Rob personally through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and consider him a good friend and someone who I would definitely trust to build my PC. And what a job he did of it! He sourced me a great Corsair case and a Noctua cooler and built the PC without breaking a sweat. My PC runs like a dream. My CPU temps are very good even when gaming so I'm extremely happy with the cooler he chose and how well he installed it. A few weeks after building the PC I decided to install a M.2 SSD and bought a totally incompatible model with my motherboard (even after research) Rob could tell me within two minutes the exact SSD I should have bought! I would definitely recommend AMG. 100%"

Ned Fitzgerald, PC Gamer