Level Up Gaming Workshop

Level Up Gaming Workshop


When computer systems are built they are set with the factory default settings, this is a power efficient option that is designed to maximise the life span of the system and keep it as stable as possible. However there is potential to unlock large performance gains from your hardware providing you have a good cooling solution. We can advise if any cooling upgrades are required then help you tune your system for maximum performance while maintaining stability and temperatures.

Hardware & builds

Want to know if you should go Intel, or AMD? Want to know which CPU, RAM and Motherboard offer the best compatibility and performance for your money? We live gaming and we love building machines that eat up the FPS, we can help advise and build you the best gaming rig for your money. Order the hardware from us and we will build it for you, or if you prefer help you build it yourself.

Want to talk gaming?

Pop in, take a seat, chill and chat, have a coffee! We would love to talk to you about your gaming experiences and share our own. We would love to offer any advice we might have. We play a large range of games and we spend a lot of time in them learning their nuances. Perhaps you want to improve on your CSGO game, or find the best way of making cash in Elite Dangerous? Perhaps you're struggling with installing custom shaders in Minecraft or DayZ mods, we can always help.

Drop in!

Do drop in any time, but please give us a call first to make sure we are in the workshop. Office Phone: 01283 531613

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