Steam Stream

Want to play games that require a lot of graphics and/or computing power on a more portable device? Now you can Steam has brought out a streaming service that will run games from your main computer and send the feed to any of your devices. This means that you can stream Windows based games to devices that are running other operating systems such as Linux and SteamOS.

Posted 27/05/2014 @ 10:23 GMT
By Bob Morley
Windows 10 Jan Patches

Microsoft has released a large set of security fixes for its latest operating system Windows 10. The patches also includes the last updates to many versions of its infamous web Read more...

Posted 13/01/2016 @ 13:26 GMT
By Bob Morley
TalkTalk Data Breach

TalkTalk has admitted to being hacked and having its customers' data stolen. The data includes some customers' banking information. TalkTalk will be contacting all of its customers to advise them. Read more...

Posted 27/02/2015 @ 17:32 GMT
By Bob Morley
Permanent backdoor affects Macs with Thundebolt

Thunderbolt, a port that is used on a lot of Mac computers has been found wanting. The firmware loaded onto the controller chip can allow an attacker to take full Read more...

Posted 08/01/2015 @ 08:45 GMT
By Bob Morley
Many GP practices still running windows XP.

As many of you are aware Windows XP has reached end of life unless you are willing to pay a high price to have Microsoft support you with security updates Read more...

Posted 25/01/2016 @ 13:56 GMT
By bob
OSX Yosemite vulnerability

Another attack vector has been discovered for OSX. Apple's OS is rapidly becoming a much juicer target for hackers and virus writers alike. This is not surprising as the numbers Read more...

Posted 05/11/2014 @ 01:57 GMT
By Bob Morley
Tech Outside the Classroom

Could Panasonics new Toughpad be the best device for children learning outside the class room. The Register has put them though there paces including the waterproof test. Read more here: Read more...

Posted 05/09/2014 @ 15:35 GMT
By Bob Morley
AMG Sponsor Beyond Black Belt

We are very excited to have the opportunity to sponsor the Beyond Black Belt gym in Burton On Trent. This is a super friendly environment to get fit and learn Read more...

Posted 25/01/2016 @ 14:15 GMT
By bob
400Gb/s Ethernet

With consumer broadband speeds growing there is an ever increasing strain on the backbone network. A new 400Gb/s standard has been proposed by the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Read more...

Posted 25/01/2016 @ 13:55 GMT
By bob
Custom Servers Cut Costs

Businesses of all sizes are finding that using custom built servers is saving them on net cost of ownership. We at AMG build all of our servers to order and Read more...

Posted 28/01/2014 @ 22:43 GMT
By Bob Morley